June 2022
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Common Misconceptions Sellers May Have in a Hot Seller’s Market
When buyers are snatching up houses left and right, it may seem like they can’t afford to be picky. But don’t be fooled:
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Want to Know What Your Property Is Worth?
Making These Mistakes On Your Insurance Policy Could Be Costly
Few truly understand all the details of their coverage. Not knowing these details can be costly.
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How to Create the Perfect Patio Garden over the Weekend
This easy DIY project enhances your home’s beauty and increases your enjoyment of the outdoors.
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Mortgage Rates Rise but Buyer Demand Remains High
Increasing mortgage rates and high inflation are taking a toll on the housing market.
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Six Tips for Preventing Pests from Moving In
Prevent household pests like ants, cockroaches, or rodents with a few tips from Terminix, the pest control professionals.
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