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How to Create the Perfect Patio Garden over the Weekend
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Your patio can be much more than a drab slab of cement. Design a miniature botanical garden over the weekend. This easy DIY project enhances your home’s beauty and increases your enjoyment of the outdoors.

Start at the Top with Hanging Plants

Use a step stool or a ladder to hang evenly spaced plant hooks around the perimeter of the patio roof. Choose heavy hooks that will withstand the weight of a fully mature plant. The plants will get plenty of sunshine and flower more profusely if you leave at least 18 inches between each hook. To avoid color overload, alternate pots of greenery between each floral display. For example, you could hang trailing fern between two blossoming begonias.

Consider Carpeting

Cover the patio area with outdoor carpeting. It creates a more natural backdrop for your little place in paradise. And, it’s more comfortable on your feet. Outdoor carpeting comes in various colors, prints, and patterns. Select a color to complement your patio furniture. If your furniture has patterned fabric, you’ll probably want solid-color carpeting.

Select the Right Plant Stands

  • Wrought-iron plant stands will withstand many years of outdoor use. They are far superior to plastic and wood, which are susceptible to damage from prolonged exposure to the elements. The upscale appearance of wrought iron enhances the beauty of your patio.

  • Window box plant stands are a great way to dress up the back wall. Some designs have intricate scrolling, while others have vines and leaves. You can buy them as a set if you’d like to put one on each side of the patio door rather than on a window. Window box stands are self-standing and available in several sizes.

  • Three-tiered plant stands are perfect for small plants. Some designs are on wheels so you can move them around more easily. You’ll find many designs within this category, including square, round, and staircase styles.

Purchase a Profusion of Plants

Once you’ve finished picking your plant stands, it’s time to select the plants. Check with your garden center for the best plant choices for shade or full sun. You should know how many plants of each kind to buy. For example, you might need 18 small plants, 12 hanging plants, and 4 large plants.

You shouldn’t have much maintenance—other than caring for the plants. Outdoor carpeting withstands weathering and wrought iron is tough enough to be passed on to the next generation. Finish up your patio paradise by adding outdoor furniture, some music, and a grill for a pleasant retreat from everyday life.

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