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Maximizing Storage Space in Your Home: Tips and Tricks
Kostikovanata / Adobestock

It seems like a house can never have too much storage space. After all, having a place to keep all your belongings can be the difference between having a cluttered home or a clean, well-organized one. Maximize your home’s storage space with these tips.

Declutter Regularly

The best way to improve storage space is by decluttering items you no longer need. Start by conducting a major spring cleaning and getting rid of items you haven’t used in years. Alternatively, you could decide to go through one area of your home each weekend and throw away or donate unused items to a charitable organization. Sort through old reading materials like magazines and newspapers, extra kitchen items, outdated clothing, obsolete electronics, and old furniture.

Store Vertically

Storing items vertically can save a lot of space. It is especially effective in kitchens and living rooms, where you can store items like plates, trays, books, magazines, and DVDs. To improve your vertical storage, purchase dividers to separate different items. A vertical storage system will also keep closets and cabinets neatly organized.

Utilize Door Space

To maximize your home’s storage, consider using the space behind doors. The inside back of your doors is a good place to hang clothing and shoes. You can even attach racks, hooks, and over-the-door hangers with pockets to store makeup, jewelry, and personal care items.

Utilize Under-the-Bed Storage

The space under your bed is ideal for storing suitcases, toys, shoes, and other items. Use baskets and other storage boxes to keep your under-the-bed-storage space tidy. Consider investing in space-saving furniture such as a bed with built-in drawers or storage compartments.

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