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Design Tips That Make a Small Area Seem More Spacious

Small houses and tiny spaces have their own kind of charm but can easily become cramped. Maximize your small space by choosing furniture in the right colors and designs so you can keep that spacious feel, no matter the size of your house.

Scale Down Your Furniture 

Furniture size is crucial in small spaces. Never opt for a full-fledged sofa if you’re living in a tiny studio. Avoid overly plush, heavy sofas and chairs. Carefully choose essentials like a couch, table, and chairs in a size that won’t overwhelm the room. Discard extraneous pieces like stools or settees.

Choose Double-Purpose Furnishings

Ottomans that serve as storage, tables that fold out for more space, and stackable stools for extra seating are just a few ways to save on space. There are numerous options for double-use furniture, such as an ironing stand that can double as a wall-mounted mirror, or a coffee table that can expand to a full-sized desk.

Avoid Very Small Pieces 

Staying away from larger furniture doesn’t mean you should fill the room with tiny pieces. Small pieces like footstools, low bookshelves, or a magazine rack can make a room look cluttered. Use organizers to keep small items out of sight and help create a clean, spacious look.

Go for Narrow, Clean Lines 

Narrow, clean lines and minimal embellishments can go a long way toward creating an open, airy space, even if you have limited room. This is the secret to trends like Scandinavian or Japanese interior design styles that emphasize open spaces and complementary furniture.

Limit Your Color Choices 

A tasteful palette that is limited to three or four colors at the most can help you create an organized space. Opt for neutrals or earthy colors. If you want an easy decision, white walls and furniture is a great way to create a bright space that you can punctuate with a pop or two of bright color. Avoid dark, bulky furniture, since these can crowd a small space and give any room a heavy, closed-off feel.

Small spaces can be limiting, but the right choices in furniture—be that in scale, color, or function—can help you maximize each square inch for a wide and inviting feel. Give these tips a try and see how you can transform small areas into spaces that you can use and enjoy to the fullest.

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