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Six Ways to Enjoy More Outdoor Living This Fall
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Summer may be ending, but that doesn’t mean your family is ready to move indoors. This fall, use the following tips to relax outdoors and fully enjoy the season.

1. Create a Cozy Outdoor Living Space

If you have a backyard patio or porch space to enjoy, you’ll spend a lot more time outdoors. Hit up end-of-the-season sales to replace any broken or worn-out patio furniture. Layer a few area rugs to provide warm cushioning underfoot and place candles or small lanterns around for a warm autumn glow. Keep blankets, throws, and pillows handy in wicker baskets for cooler evenings. Finally, dedicate a space for snacks and beverages so guests won’t have to go back and forth to the kitchen.

2. Hang a Porch Swing or Hammock

Switch up outdoor seating options with a new porch swing or hammock. You’ll enjoy the fresh look and it will give you and your family a new excuse to relax outside on beautiful autumn days. If you don’t have space to hang a swing on a porch or patio, consider setting it up in a garden area between two mature trees. Complete the swing with a few throw pillows, then finish off the space with potted fall mums on either side.

3. Set Up the Table for Fall Dining

Wow your fall party guests with a beautiful outdoor patio or porch table setting. Use a tablecloth and matching cloth napkins in shades of red, orange, or yellow. Don’t forget to add candles and fall décor items, such as pinecones, autumn blooms, or pumpkins. Seat cushions and blankets draped over the backs of chairs will keep guests warm and cozy. 

4. Pick Up Some New Outdoor Games

Adding a handful of outdoor games to your collection for the final months of outdoor time will ensure your family and friends stay engaged during gatherings. You can’t go wrong with classic lawn games such as bocce, cornhole, or croquet. 

5. Invest In a Portable Fire Pit 

For most families, a portable fire pit is an affordable option for having backyard bonfires or hot dog and s’mores roasts. You’ll be able to set up the fire pit in any spot and still have the flexibility to move it later. If you entertain often and have always wanted a permanent fire pit or outdoor fireplace, consider taking the plunge this autumn.

6. Add a Covered Roof and Landscape Heaters 

Outfitting the porch or patio with a roof covering and installing landscape heaters will significantly extend your outdoor yard season. Think about a wood roof with skylights to let in as much light as possible, keeping the outdoor seating space open and inviting. Landscape heaters are available in both wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted styles from most big box and home improvement stores. The heaters plug in to standard home electricity systems and cast approximately a nine-square-foot “heat blanket” per unit.

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